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Are you repeating the same patterns, experiencing the same type of difficult relationships, situations, and emotional wounds?

Are you ready to create spiritual, physical and emotional alignment? 

Do you need insight and clarity to your soul purpose? 

Are you seeking a balanced and energetic approach to waking up spiritually?






Many of us are navigating life day in day out with little or no fulfillment. 

We are trapped in our emotions and ruminating thoughts.

We are frustrated and unable to manifest joy and happiness.

We fear that we will lose control through burn out and being run down.

We commit to relationships that weigh us down and drain our energy.

We are struggling to implement real change and

craving to feel a spiritual connection within ourselves.

We feel burdened by our experiences.

We become paralyzed with over-analyzing, overwhelm, questioning, and doubt.

Our sense of worth and value have been emptied.

We are spiritually disconnected.

We feel alone and isolated.



 I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I feel your pain, your wounds and understand- the truth is,

I have been exactly where you are.  

I have been in that place where I questioned my worth on a daily basis.  Where I felt I didn't deserve good things to happen. Where I thought the universe was against me and that I would never be supported. Where I was disconnected from my intuition and my spirit was scattered everywhere but within. 

I felt alone and insecure. I had no value and kept myself small to avoid being seen for who I really was. I worried about other peoples opinions all the time. I feared to make decisions and thought I would always be wrong. 

Sound familiar?  There is a way to heal and you do not have to go at it alone.


 I am here to fully honor and support your healing process while you:

Learn how to navigate your Spiritual Awakening.

Reclaim the parts of your soul that have been lost in your experiences. 

Find freedom from your past and move forward in with presence.

Release your karma from both this lifetime and past lives.

Align with your inner sense of knowing.

Find emotional freedom.

Tame your mind.

Become whole and fulfilled.

Connect with your inner desires.

Learn who you really are and what you want.

Feel safe in the world around you.

Let go of defensive and critical thoughts. 

Get out of the constant overwhelm.

Love yourself fully and completely.

Respect yourself. 

We are at a time of ascension where many of us are in the process of waking up spiritually. 

We are realizing there is so much more than our mundane human experience.  

If you are ready to let go and ascend on your healing process- I am here to be your guide.

Wake up spiritually in a healthy way with ease and flow.



 Are ready for deep spiritual healing and transformation? 


Are you ready to radiate from your core with more

love, presence, purpose, passion, and authenticity?  

What is being said:

"I began working with Raechelle to gain a better understanding of the relationship with my dog, but soon discovered there was even more value in exploring the way in which each of us experiences our individual journey through life.  Since working with Raechelle I have been able to separate what really matters to the "noise" that can often clutter and disrupt the simple joys in life.  Her talent in connecting on a personal level and assist in working through issues and situations has brought a clarity that I may have never achieved.  Her support is invaluable to me and I look forward to continuing the work we have begun."


Lori Hayes


"I have been working with Rae for a little over a month and in that time she has changed my life completely. I had just gone thru the most painful 3 years of my life. I feel more myself, more peaceful, more aligned and happier than I have in years. Rae has handed me back my peace with so much genuine care and compassion, I can't imagine having never found her."

Jenn Noland


"Raechelle’s ability to be clearly guided to intuitively perceive our needs is highly developed, finely attuned, potent and powerful, while also being gentle and inspiring.

I am impressed by the strong connection Raechelle has with the guides that overlight her work, and the clear and vivid messages they transmit! Representing nature forces and benevolent spiritual presences, her guides come through with authenticity and richness.

I have first received her work while enduring very challenging times in my personal life, with my husband going through cancer treatment and its enduring side effects. Receiving Raechelle’s energy clearing and healing sessions has been an amazing source of support, relief, and alignment, especially for me as a very giving person. I have come to treasure receiving this support!

Raechelle is able to intuitively go deep into the issues with precision, expanding beyond what we initially shared. The fullness and richness of the messages from her guides, combined with the streaming of beautiful healing energy coming our way has been an enormous gift for me, one that I treasure, and that is bringing me unexpected gifts."

Ruth Toledo Altschuler


Since I began working with Raechelle, I have felt almost instant relief after implementing some of the techniques she recommended to clear energy in my body.  I have been less stressed and more focused.  My friends, neighbors, and coworkers have noticed shifts in my energy and have even thought to say something to me.  I have an overall lighter mood which has felt amazing!

Jennifer Rongione

Intuitive Spiritual Guide

Initial Session: $160

Returning Client: $150

 You are not alone- we all need support and guidance. 

Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive guidance are intended to provide you with a devoted healing space to explore the depths of who you truly are.  They will give you freedom from your past wounds and emotional blockages that are trapped inside your body.  They will give you healing from a spiritual and soul level that fully integrates into your physical self, here and now. 


I offer a unique collaborative of Intuitive Guidance, Energy Clearing, Past Life Clearing, Astrology, Channeled Messages from your Spirit Guides and harnessing a powerful Mind/Body Connection.

Each session is unique, down to earth, and highly personalized.  You will learn to create spiritual connections with your higher self and your guides that are safe, practical and easy to connect with.


We will identify and clear energy blocks, hindering belief systems, inner judgments of yourself and others that will allow you to finally step into life with flow and ease. 


It is my goal to help you feel magically connected with yourself and everyone around you in a supportive way that you feel understood and accepted.  

Have questions?  Connect with me through a free Q & A or dive right in and schedule your first session today!






Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Guidance

All sessions are done in person, a recorded MP3 Phone call or Recorded Zoom Video Conference.  Below is a shortlist of some topics you could receive spiritual and intuitive guidance around: 


  • Energy Alignment and Energy Healing

  • Connecting with your Spiritual Guides, Spirit Animals and the Higher Self.

  • Connecting with loved ones or animals who have crossed over.

  • Soul Astrology to shift energies we came here to work through.

  • Insight to hidden aspects of your personality and your unique purpose.

  • Unveiling Subconscious Patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Connecting with your intuition and higher self

  • Navigating feelings of shame and low self-worth

  • Your unique purpose

  • Discovering and speaking your needs and desires

  • Calling in your Soul Connections

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Self Empowerment

  • Soul connection

  • Releasing overwhelm, fears, worries, and concerns

  • Navigating difficult transitions

  • Understanding patterns in relationships

  • Releasing trapped emotions held in the mind or body

  • Manifesting abundance

  • Discovering what brings you joy 

  • Cultivating a new career path

  • Achieving optimal health 

  • Chronic inflammation and pain

  • Detoxing your body and home

  • Mindset

  • Shifting your thoughts and inner dialogue

  • Meditation as a form of guidance

I believe that the most beneficial way to balance the body, and spirit- especially when we are navigating health, emotional and spiritual transitions- is through regular healing sessions.  For this reason, the following healing packages were created for a personalized experience.  No 2 sessions are ever the same and you will receive individual support based on what your body and higher self present each session.

One Month Intensive- $560

This is for anyone that desires to have in-depth support around navigating transitions, transformations, health issues, relationship issues, healing energetic patterns, clearing past life karma, energetic cords, negative energies or entities and all other aspects of navigating your spiritual awakening. 

What's included:

  • Four 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring OR Energy Clearing Sessions in 0ne Month

  • Energy Healing in each session 

  • Intuitive Guidance

  • Insight and Guidance about Astrological Transits that are affecting you personally

  • An audio recording of each session

  • Ability to alternate between Energy Clearing and Spiritual Mentoring

10-week Soul Healing Journey- $1200

This is my most comprehensive offering.  This is a devoted healing space that is deeply healing and transforming.  It is a discovery of your truth, gifts, talents and energetic blocks.  This is about waking up spiritually and reconnecting with your soul- your heart and your truth.  This is the path of empowered change and self-mastery.

What's Included:

  • 8 -1:1 Spiritual Mentoring sessions over a 10-week time frame.

  • Energy Healing 

  • Ongoing Spiritual Guidance and Channelings from your Spiritual Guides

  • Insight and Guidance about Astrological Transits that are affecting you personally

  • Skills to develop your Intuitive Abilities and developing trust in yourself, your life and your decisions

  • Connection with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

  • Balance and Integration of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • Unlimited email support

  • A unique Flower Essence combination that is intuitively designed to work with transformation energy in between sessions

  • Option to alternate between Energy Healing and Spiritual Mentoring.

  • An Audio Recording of each session

  • 10% Discounts on any Animal Communication Service your pets would need. 

Payment plans are available- contact me directly:

3 payments of $300 


2 Payments of $600