What if there was a way that you could become WILDLY ALIGNED with your magical DIVINE inner wisdom, share your GIFTS, embrace your AUTHENTIC nature, and live your life on PURPOSE?  


Spiritual Mentoring and Energy Healing sessions do just that!  

They are a unique collaborative of Intuitive & Astrological Guidance, Energy Healing and practical wisdom that allows you to integrate the knowledge received on a day to day basis.  The messages received are highly personalized to your current energetic patterns. 


Raechelle will help you reclaim the lost parts of your soul via intuitive messages and energy healing from spiritual guides and your higher self.  She attunes to your unique astrological imprint to transmute energies that may feel challenging but are meant to help you with your soul’s evolution.


The insight and healing energy brought forth will enlighten you and allow your mind and body release energetic holdings from this and previous lifetimes that may cause aches, pains, disease, anxiety, depression, decreased self-esteem, low self-worth, judgment towards yourself and others, perfectionism, overdoing, shame, guilt, overachieving, and general feelings of disconnect from your purpose and others. 


The healing messages that your spirit, soul or higher self bring forth are blessed with loving support and aligned with your ascension at the time of each session.  You will receive healing at a soul level that integrates into your physical and emotional body, here and now.  As your mind and body begin to heal, your intuition will flourish giving you empowerment as you take the next steps forward on your spiritual journey.  


You are here to grow, evolve and step into your personal power!  With the powerful combination of Raechelle’s intuitive abilities, energy healing, astrological and spiritual enlightenment, your levels of consciousness will expand.  Your physical and energetic needs are realigned to a state of optimal health and emotional well being allowing you to embody your authentic essence.

One hour sessions are $160

All sessions are held via a Recorded Phone Call, Zoom or detailed email report so you can have a session wherever you are in the world.

Raechelle and your spiritual team will support you as you:

 ~Connect with your spirit guides in a safe and loving way

~Activate your intuition

~Heal and ascend on your spiritual journey

~Reclaim the parts of your soul that have been lost through your past 

~Clear Negative Energy Cords

~Release karma from this and previous lifetimes

~Heal your inner child

~Reclaim your personal power

~Find emotional freedom

~Elevate your energetic vibration

~Connect with your desires, dreams, passions and purpose

~earn to work with your inner shadow 

~Embody who you truly are and be the fullest expression of this

~Trust that you are supported by the divine

~Release feelings of separation and isolation

~Get out of the constant overwhelm

~Love yourself fully and completely

 Are you ready to unlock your potential, heal and activate the visions you are here to co-create with the Universe?

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