What if you could become WILDLY ALIGNED with your DIVINE inner wisdom, share your GIFTS, embrace your AUTHENTIC nature, and live with PURPOSE?  


This is the magic you will gain from the combination of Soul Alignment and Energy Healing!  

These sessions are a unique collaborative of Intuitive & Astrological Guidance, Energy Healing, Spiritual Wisdom, and that will allow you to integrate the knowledge received in a gentle, practical, and tangible way that creates meaningful and long-lasting change.  


Together, myself, our spiritual team, and your higher self will recalibrate you to an aligned energetic blueprint that attunes you to your soul purpose and connection with source. We will assist you as you discover how to transmute lower vibrational emotions and energies that feel challenging, paralyzing, repetitive, and overwhelming. 


The insight and healing energy brought forth is intended to reconnect you with your personal power so that your mind and body can release energetic holdings from this and previous lifetimes.  These can clear underlying subconscious thoughts, energy patterns, past life holdings, traumas, memories that can cause aches, pains, disease, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth, addiction, judgment towards yourself and others, perfectionism, overdoing, shame, guilt, overachieving, separation and general feelings of disconnect from your purpose and others. 


The healing messages brought forth are blessed with loving support and aligned with your spiritual ascension at the time of each session.  You will receive healing at a soul level that integrates into your physical and emotional body, here and now.  As your mind and body begin to heal, your intuition will flourish giving you empowerment as you take the next steps forward on your spiritual journey.  


You are here to grow, evolve, and step into your personal power and co-create with the universe! 

1:1 Soul Alignment or Energy Healing


All sessions are done remotely. 1:1 Soul Alignment sessions are held via a Recorded Phone Call or Zoom call.  All Energy Healings are channeled and sent via a detailed email report.

Our spiritual team will guide you to:

 ~Connect with your spirit guides in a safe and loving way

~Activate your intuition

~Manifest prosperity, love, and abundance

~Create meaningful relationships and friendships

~Heal and ascend on your spiritual journey

~Reclaim the parts of your soul that have been lost in this and previous lifetimes 

~Clear & Release Negative Energy Cords for good

~Release karma 

~Heal & Connect with your inner child

~Reclaim your personal power

~Gain emotional freedom

~Elevate your energetic vibration

~Connect with your desires, dreams, passions and purpose

~Shine light on your inner shadow 

~Embody your truth and become the fullest expression of you

~Trust that you are supported by the divine, your guides and the universe

~Release feelings of separation and isolation

~Let go of constant overwhelm

~Love yourself fully and completely

 Are you ready to unlock your potential, heal and activate your intuition so you can co-create with the Universe?

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