You Impact the World!!!

There is light within each of us, but there is also dark in each of us.  There is a natural desire to have balance of both the light and the dark that has been broken by the ideals and pressures of society, religion, family, relationships and ourselves.  There is trust that has to be rebuilt from the core of our being so that we can each recognize the nature of our individual importance within the universe as a whole.  

When we fully comprehend the impact and importance of our unique personalities, we can appreciate the depth of our connections and begin to understand how amazing we all are. We can appreciate the importance of our roles as separate, yet connected energetic beings to nature, animals, and other people.  

You, me and every person we come in contact with has an individual role that impacts the world at large! Yes, this is true- you impact the world!


When one person restores balance within, they amplify energy outward having a ripple effect impacting every person or animal they come in contact with. 

Restoring balance from within requires us to fully embrace and love all aspects of ourselves.  Regardless, if they are perceived as negative or positive. This is the balance that needs to be restored.

If we bypass our shadow side of anger, critical mind, insecurities, judgments to the self and others, lack of worth and move forward only to see our desires, wants and needs- we move forward in a state of ego and attachment to the outcome.  

We get restless and fixated from this state of being because our worth and perception of the self is only identified through the accomplishment of these 'perceived' acceptable outcomes.  This creates anxiety that is released when we feel we have gained the external approval by doing what we think we 'should' be doing. We feel this external approval will lessen our burdens and that we will suddenly feel better inside- yet, we are left feeling empty and lost from who we truly are.  We are only constantly disappointed to find that the cycle begins yet again.

Creating peace with each of the shadow parts within us- trusting that we are safe and secure even in our negative thoughts, tears, fears, feelings, and emotions gives us permission to explore and learn all that we can about our true essence.  

It gives us an opportunity to see how we are all experiencing similar stories and themes in our lives. 

This creates support and deep meaningful connections with others.  The best part of this process is that we give ourselves the very approval we have been craving from others.  Hence, cutting the energetic cords that keep us in isolation and separation from those who want to see us as the magical beings we each are. 

This, my friends, restores the balance of the light and the dark within each of us. Our energy is then amplified and radiant impacting every being we come in contact with simply by being ourselves- whole and perfectly imperfect.

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