We are all one- A Channeled Message of Corona

All are one- all are energetically interconnected.

We’ve all talked about it, thought about it and many of us have tried to integrate and embody it. Some understand this concept more than others and some are waking up to it. Now, more than ever, we are being forced by an entity in the way of a virus to show how divinely energetically enmeshed we are.

On a cellular level, not one person is exempt. Race, societal status- none of it matters. This virus is showing us how equal we all are. Corona is trying to wake us up to the energetically interwoven nature of our world. This virus shows no discrimination revealing that there is no difference in the core of our energetic beings.

The days are long gone with those that have felt superior, invincible and misused power. We can no longer sit in separateness. This virus is bringing a structural breakdown to our world on a very practical level that is telling us, “We are all equal. We are all one."

It will expose the structures that have been based on lies, the misuse of power, and false identities. It will bring awareness to where we have not all joined hands to come together and hold our vision of healing and respect of our mother...our Earth.

This is her way of restoring the balance. Reminding us how connected we are to her and that she has the power to wipe out masses. She has the power and will do so in her own way to restore the balance and bring back equanimity and respect.

More than ever we are asked to step forward into our own light. Re-define who we are let go of old stories as none of them matter anymore. All that matters is how we choose to move forward with our own thoughts and visualizations- leaving our wounds behind to disintegrate.

More than ever we are asked to step forward in our own truths. The truth of who we were when we were born into this world. Redefine who we are letting go of the stories that are dimming our light. Those stories created depression, isolation, ignorance, and inadequacy. All that matters is how we choose to move forward with our thoughts, our spiritual practices, and the teachings that we have learned about. It’s time to implement them for real. This is how we will heal. This is how miracles will happen.

I like to dream of each and every human across the universe. Of course, all the animals too. All of us, men, women, children,—-all cultures and races. People of all shapes, ages, sizes, different statuses all holding hands. Imagine if this could happen?

Imagine the person next to you is holding your hand and they feel the energetic pulse of your heart as it ripples through their hand and into their body? The warmth of the smile you offer them. Each hand that is held sends a frequency of energy that embraces the person next to them. Each hand is sending to the other unconditional love creating strength in numbers. This is real and this can happen.

Corona is asking us to wake up and see that this is how we will grow together. Corona wants this to be a great awakening! All of our thoughts and feelings generate into each other. We have a choice whether we will choose love over fear, connection over separation, equality over inequality. You have a choice to hide or to share and spread your light. When you share the light that is in your heart, you create sparks of energy that ignite another.

There is power in masses! There is power and combining all of our energy and truly embracing the interconnectivity and knowing that “we are all one!” It is through this unity that our mass consciousness will rise together and elevate humanity as we navigate an awakening that our world has never experienced before.

Together, we will heal.

With love and gratitude,


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