Tribute to "Parfait"- AKA "Skittles"- one of the great loves of my life.

I thought about this over and over would I pay tribute to such a beautiful soul? How could I do her justice?

Here is my attempt as the tears roll down my cheeks----a Tribute to one of the great loves of my life:

Parfait AKA “Skittles” 4/25/2010-12/27/2019

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 9.5 years young on December 27, 2019, from lung cancer.

Parfait and I have many great achievements together. She was the dream puppy that I always wanted!

Despite, chewing through 3 laptop cords, a couple of chair legs, a couch cushion or two, multiple collars and who knows what else. She always made me laugh how wickedly smart, loving and ornery she could be all at once!

She was fun, full of zest, sassy, inspirational, hard-working, solid and beautiful. Not to mention a great cuddler, loved everyone and everything she did was filled with Skittles and teeny, tiny pieces.

Those that knew Parfait will always remember her as “Skittles"- the life of the party!

I had three little rockstar diva’s at this time of my life that I traveled the country with- Parfait, Rhythm and Cora. It was us, girls, altogether all the time. We accomplished a lot and made many great memories together. Most of all, they were all three constant emotional support and gave me the unconditional love that I needed during this time of my life.

Many don’t know that Parfait was the only dog I have ever placed in another home. At 6.5 years of age and many life transitions later for me, I had to give up a lot of traveling and competing. I moved a lot in a short amount of time and this left Parfait needing and craving more one on one than she was receiving in the pack.

As her anxiety was slowly increasing, despite our constant time together as a pack walking, hiking, working, etc….my gut kept telling me that Parfait might be a dog that in her senior years would thrive best with someone who was devoted only to her.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I always put my pet's needs before my own selfish desires. I have always believed, you honor the animals first- not yourself. Not all dogs are meant to live in a multi-pack dynamic household. Some thrive best in smaller packs and some thrive in larger packs.

Against my own desires, but knowing that it might be best for Parfait, I had put the intention out to the universe that if someone was to come along that would give her purpose at this stage of her life, I would contemplate the idea of Parfait going to a new home. It had to be special and be with someone that I would still be able to stay in contact with, someone that I knew and could trust that she was loved.

Many months later, a dear friend and my pet sitter at the time, Vicky, approached me about doing a trial stay with Parfait. I was getting ready to move again and thought- well, I guess we can try this out for the weekend and see how it goes. Vicky took Parfait for the weekend and they fell in love.

I will never forget that day that I drove down to pick Parfait up after she spent the weekend with Vicky. She was elated to see me and I thought maybe this isn’t going to work out- she clearly missed me? I took a gulp and was ready to head out the door with her thinking that I may have to disappoint Vicky. As I called Parfait to me, she looked at me and then looked back at Vicky. I could feel the stillness in the air and see her thinking. It seemed like minutes went by in only mere seconds of time.

I could tell Parfait didn’t want to disappoint me or hurt me as she walked back to Vicky and sat at her side. I knew at that moment that Parfait chose Vicky to be at her side during this stage of her life.

As much as it saddened me, I fought back the tears so no one would see- at that moment, I knew Parfait had a purpose with Vicky. I wasn’t sure what her purpose was at that time, but I trusted Parfait somehow knew Vicky needed her more than me.

I swallowed the tears, got in my car and drove off with a hole in my heart. I never felt great about it, but I also knew that this was ultimately Parfait’s decision. I wanted her to be happy and thrive, so I honored this even though every time I saw pictures of her and spoke to Vicky about her, my heart felt empty. I knew that Vicky loved her so much and I could see how important Parfait always felt so it seemed to get me through the sadness I felt.

Three years later I now know that she was meant to be Vicky’s best friend, sidekick and constant stable emotional support for many of Vicky’s life transitions. The same way she did for me, she went on to do the same for Vicky.

I can’t thank Vicky enough for giving Parfait so much love over these last three years and giving me the opportunity to say "goodbye" to such a dear old friend.

On Thursday evening, I received the dreaded phone call from Vicky that Parfait had lung cancer and it was bad. She was scheduled to cross over the next day. Together, me and her good old besties- Rhythm and Cora, drove out to say our goodbyes.

Seeing Parfait light up with excitement when Rhythm and Cora hopped out of the car filled our hearts and Parfait’s heart with love. We spent a few hours together playing, eating, posing in pictures and celebrating Parfait and the friendship she gave to both Vicky and me.

I still feel guilty for placing her in another home and I don’t know if that will ever go away. I do know in my heart of heart that Vicky and Parfait were an inseparable duo and gave love to each other constantly.

Parfait got to be a great love for two amazing women as we both navigated several landmark transitions in our lives. This was her true purpose to be solid and supportive. To let us know someone was always there. To teach us we could still have fun in the midst of painful moments.

The accolades Parfait and I had were amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of all that we accomplished in a short amount of time, but the true gift was who she was in her heart and soul- loyal, loving and filled with joy.

Thank you for everything you gave to both Vicky and I, Parfait… will always be one of the great loves of my lifetime. Run free Lala.


ASCA Nationals Premier 2012

#6 MVA ASCA Nationals 2015

#1 Merit Advanced Sheep 2013-2014

Multiple High In Trial winner in agility and herding

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