The Story of "Wendall"

Look at this handsome Coonhound- isn't he striking?  This was taken on a walk with his mom the day after his fourth Communication/Energy Clearing Session.  

Wendall is a rescue that never learned that the bond with humans was about a partnership.  He wasn't abused, but he never learned how to connect with people.  He looked at the relationship he had with his human in a way that a dog would in a pack of animals.  A hierarchy and trying to dominate his circumstances because he didn't know any other way.  He didn't know that people were trustworthy and safe- that his person wanted more than anything to have a deep bond with Wendall.  

Wendall was experiencing an extreme amount of displaced anxiety and at times aggressive behavior. His owner was at a loss and also in fear because Wendall would become aggressive with her at times.  She was advised that it would be in her best interest to put Wendall to sleep.  

Of course, she was devastated to hear this.  She was frustrated because, after rounds of different medications and lots of devotion to behaviorist and veterinarians, nothing was helping.  In fact, he appeared to be getting worse.  She was losing sleep over constant barking and obsessive spinning. 

When we connected, Wendall told me why he would nip at his owner and not let people into his home.  He also shared with me a lot about his personality and his past.  I was able to explain all of this to his owner so she could understand Wendall.  

Through understanding and accepting Wendall's unique personality, I made recommendations specifically for him with training and behavior modification to help with the compulsive barking, obsessive spinning and other high strung behaviors.  Nothing was recommended from a place of force and control.  It was quite the opposite- this was out of compassion and being a mindful guide to Wendall.  

His owner followed through with everything we discussed.  Within the first week, she reported that Wendall had been the best she has ever seen him.  After the second session, Wendall's owner began working hard on her mindset and retraining her thoughts and reactions to his behaviors.  

Wendall has had weekly communication and energy clearing sessions over the last month.  Each week has resulted in a dog that is understood, an owner who knows what steps to take to build a partnership and yet another animal gets to feel unconditional love and acceptance.  

Wendall has begun enjoying long walks in nature, resting in the house peacefully and his owner is finally enjoying his true essence.

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