Solar Eclipse in Cancer- "THE UNEXPECTED JOURNEY"

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer-


This has a “new beginning” energy that feels like an ending that is creating a new beginning that hasn’t been revealed yet. I see it as an energetic void- the space between.

This cycle will unravel over the next 6 months- as if 2020 wasn’t already filled with the unexpected?

The sun shifts into Cancer and Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer. You are given the ultimate gift of healing the heart to harness alignment with your soul.

Cancer energy wants you to pay attention to your deepest needs, desires, and feelings. This is a time of self-reflection and nourishing your mind and body by remembering who you are- your needs around love, trust, long term security, family, belonging, and your sense of feeling at home in the world. It’s a time for getting in touch with your vulnerabilities and intimacy in every aspect of your life.

If it is a balance you seek in any of these areas, your soul may nudge you to give up something you felt you NEEDED to thrive but was only a false sense of security. Think of it as a COSMIC nudge to balance your inner and outer world.

This may be an intensely personal experience that can be quite painful and emotional. This is SOUL HEALING of opening your heart. Trust and allow your intuition to guide you. As you do, you will connect with CLARITY, GRACE, and POWER. It’s important to remember the changes are to create alignment for the blessings ahead.

Neptune & Mars in Pisces may make you feel like running for the hills or numbing out. Use this energy to create a meaningful spiritual experience by deepening your connection to your intuition, your guides, and visualizing the life you truly want to live.

FEEL, RELEASE, DEAL & ALLOW buried and suppressed feelings to finally come to the surface.

Connect with me if you want to take a deep dive and discover how this energy is personally impacting you and how you can use it to your advantage. Sending you all lots of love during this wild ride!

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