Shedding Old Identities

I have been seeing a unique pattern in many of my recent sessions as well as my personal healing sessions. 

I find that myself and others are ready to go deeper than we ever have before- ready to face more of our shadow side and identify it as our teacher.  We are ready to get honest and open with all that we are experiencing because in that moment of vulnerability- we find support. 

There are karmic patterns coming through to finally be fulfilled and released. 

Many of us want to shed those old identities and evolve more freely.  We are longing to feel connections with our soul tribes.  There is a unity beginning amongst many of us that have "gone it alone" for so long. We have been holding the weight of the worlds over our shoulders.  We have done it well, but now we are asked to release some of the burdens to those who can fully support us.  

Let the healers and likeminded people support you while you support them at the same time!!!! This is a new way- this is the evolution of a true community!!!!

We have a FULL MOON in Scorpio tomorrow- May 18!

Full Moons are about RELEASING and LETTING GO:) 

There is an element of facing who you have been giving your power away to?  Where have you been letting others psychically control and manipulate your energy?  What patterns have you been hiding behind to keep you safe and secure?  What games are you playing for power? What identities are you holding onto obsessively that once kept you safe but are now making you feel as if you are bound in shackles and chains? 

The energy is really about seeing the hidden layers of your past that you have identified with for so long and feel they are really you.  No longer accepting these as a part of ourselves.

We are stepping into a new energy wave that is supportive of seeing who you can be without these limitations, expectations, energetic drains of toxic people that you have kept in your life way too long.  

There is an opportunity to redefine and work with personal and energetic boundaries.  To define what we no longer want to tolerate not just in our physical realm, but in our energetic and karmic realm.  This energy is about seeing beyond what is in front of you.  

Many of us are having deep and powerful transformations regularly.  Things are being accelerated.  We are all fully supported!!!  Allow yourself to break free of expectations, guilt and old karmic patterns from many lifetimes that are still playing out now.  Discover how they are playing out again and again in your life so you can recognize and release them once and for all!!! 

This energy supports going deep and seeing the hidden realities and stories we tell ourselves over and over again.  We are fully supported by guides and other beings to let anything impeding our truth and power go permanently. 

Let go of the idea that you will be fully healed from having one good day- there is no such thing! We heal over time and then the purpose is to go deeper and heal some more again and again.  Healing is a never-ending path of surrender.  

It's about morphing into your essence and seeing into the unknown.  Trusting that each perceived difficult situation is your teacher and your healer- as long as you openly allow it to be.

Spiritual love,   Raechelle

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