New moons are times when the moon and the sun are conjunct each other at the same degree in the sky. The New Moon is when the sky is the darkest and the moon is invisible to the earth.

Often, it’s more popular to focus on the full moons, but I tend to find that new moons bring significant shifts in my energy. One reason why I share about them as often as I do.

For me, new moons often make me anxious, sleepless, and sometimes outright cranky! This is from the energy integrating within my body. Some are easier on me than others but rest assured, I am guaranteed to be plagued with several nights of insomnia as the energies shift in my body.

The energy of a new moon will last through the next month. However, the first two weeks are the biggest gateways to initiate new plans, ideas, and take action. They are a time of new beginnings and forward movement.

This particular cycle, with a new moon in Aquarius, along with many other astrological transits and universal energies happening, marks a big beginning for 2020! It is the first new moon of the year. There is a feeling of fresh air, fresh ideas and a focus on who we are as an individual and we are within the group, collective, humanity.

There is a new sense of individuality happening with an influx of innovative and unique ideas. This new moon and the current energies at play gives us the courage to embody our unique nature and self-expression. Rethinking our identity and the desire to break free.

The currents of the energy are quick and electrical. There is a feeling of time speeding up which can leave our nervous systems a bit frayed from the frequencies of quick, jolting, electrical energy. This creates a build-up of nervous tension, anxiety that is lingering in the background.

These frequencies create a lot of change, uncertainty, and unpredictable behavior. You can expect unexpected change, surprising drama, and quick upsets do to the electrical energy in the air.

It will be important to avoid the tendency to overreact, make assumptions, draw negative stories and speak out of anger. What happens now, could make permanent changes so if you’re not ready for that to happen, try to write it out in a journal so the tension is released.

I feel like one of the bigger themes to this particular new moon is that it’s really a call energetically for us to wake up to how we identify with ourselves as our personal identity amongst the crowds of people. Our intuition is deepening and this reveals a deeper awareness of how energetically connected we all are. In this evolution, we have to learn who we are amongst everyone. There is healing within ourselves happening on a cellular level that is creating an awareness of something larger than us as individuals, yet asking us to stand in our personal expression with an awareness of who we are in the collective.

We are being asked to take off any masks that we wear and be authentic with our actions, expression and our words. Think about how we can kindly affect humanity with our self-expression and owning our unpredictable nature with integrity. This is great energy to make an intention to seek the truth about what expands you and learn what do you love, honor, and value of yourself.

There is an energy of “breaking up.” This could be tension in relationships, but I feel that I can go even beyond that. It’s an energy of breaking up with what no longer serves us now. What am I not willing to take forward in my future?

We are being asked to do the healing work mentally, emotionally, physically and above all spiritually and find our autonomy within relationships and groups. Release worries about perceptions of our personal expression. We all play a part as individuals, and our parts are much bigger than what we think!

Think of what really matters to you? What do you want to manifest in 2020? What plans and new endeavors feel fitting to you? How can you use your creative energies in a positive way? What patterns are you ready to "break up" with to harness the energy of the forwarding movement?

The intentions and actions that we make now will ripple out through the year. It’s not just about us as individuals- this is a collective, a humanitarian and a global conscious awareness of how our actions, thoughts, words, impact every living being here today.

What steps could you take to improve the way that you impact the collective as a whole?

How and what can you embrace and share authentically about yourself to create a positive impact on those around you?

What are you ready to embrace in your individuality?

Where are you ready to take a leap of faith?

Above all else, we have to try our best to be a friend to ourselves and others with the understanding we are all navigating the same emerging energies.

Are you curious about how this energy affects you or your pets? Do you want to learn more about how Astrological transits and collective energy affect you personally? I cover this and so much more in my Spiritual Guidance Sessions--- no one session is alike and all are intuitively guided from you, your higher self and your guides. Get in touch through the link below.....

Sending you all lots of love,

Rae and my furry crew

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