Navigating WILD and FREE Energy!

We have been experiencing lots of shifts and energetic waves over the last few weeks. There are planets in our sky moving backwards and shifting to new signs. I don't want to get super technical, but I do want to highlight what we will potentially experience as a collective and as individuals.

FULL MOON in LIBRA- April 19! We had a full moon a month ago in Libra and now another one in the balancing sign of Libra. It is not that common for a full moon to be in the same sign back to back.

Full Moons are about RELEASING and LETTING that crap GO!

What has stirred up for you in the realm of relationships over the last month? What are you looking to release and let go of in your relationships? What needs restructured to support you and your desires moving forward?

This is energy that will help you decide who is here to support you and who is in your life that is draining your power. What dynamics are you playing a part in that need to be squashed? If someone is draining your energy- does the relationship need to be released or do you need to adjust how you are approaching it? Think about what you need to move forward as an individual with confidence in your talents, gifts and to be exactly who you are!!! You matter- it's time to honor yourself!!!

Sometimes, it's not about letting go of the person or thing- it might be about adjusting your approach. How you might not be showing up as your true and magical self. If you aren't embracing your truth, expressing your feelings and needs- it's impossible and unfair to expect anyone else to do this for you.

Relationships are all about seeing the "I" and the "other" without trying to control and make someone be who and what we think they should be to fulfill our needs. Where are you caving to keep peace? Where are you trying to control how someone views you by sacrificing who you really are?

If it's not about relationships, it might be about restoring balance. What do you need to release to bring the balance back into your life? What is the balance you are seeking to support you moving forward? What do you need to bring balance to in order to make something happen that you have been wanting to take action on?

Along with this energy, there is a need to really look at our patterns of reacting. There is a WILD and FREE energy playing a part here. You might feel restless and ready to take action. With this desire to take action, you may come from a place of reacting without thinking through what is in line with your values.

It's a BREAKING FREE energy at play! A real charge to get out of the shackles and chains that have kept you constrained all these years!!!! There is a great deal of pressure building to release cycles and old patterns so that we can move forward to what we are creating in life. With this and the need to take action, you might find yourself indecisive and unable to decide what direction to move forward in.

Sometimes, when we feel trapped in this way, there is reacting that comes out in the form of DRAMA. Creating and reacting to get energy moving- yet it only stays trapped and then old karma and patterns are repeated. Watch where your old karma and drama might be showing up. Where you see it, take a step back and remind yourself that karma is your past, not your present. There is no need to react from the past anymore.

COMMUNICATION might be tempered. You may find yourself throwing a verbal dagger or two more than you normally would. This is pressure of passion that is burning inside you that wants to be seen and create change.

When you feel this pressure building, take a breath and walk away. The power struggle and reaction to say something you really do not mean in the moment is not worth giving your power away. Fires are burning within each of us and where our passions, needs and desires are not being met- it's time to look hard at what these unmet needs are and breath into them. Give them air to burn brighter so that you can create the visions you want.

Ask your guides for help to communicate clearly about your feelings. Not from blame or projecting- from a place of compassion and knowing that we are all here on this earth doing our best to learn how to heal our wounds.

Energy is always here to support you and your growth. It truly is a time of empowered transformation in your outer world. We have been reflecting inward for months! It's time to bring all this reflection into clear feelings and thoughts- it's time to take action for your "new self."

Take off your veil and let yourself be free!



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