Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Sag Energy Vibes

Important “AH HA” moments and deeper of understanding of our PAST.

Full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, June 6 at 3:10 p.m. EST. We will be feeling the influence of this eclipse over the next few weeks.

This is a gateway of AWARENESS, higher understandings, and COSMIC downloads that wants us to clear the path for the changes ahead. We are FINALLY getting the answers we have been seeking for decades to anything that has held us back. There is a new chapter ahead that has been delayed from confusion and lack of clarity.

This moon asks us to GO DEEPER into healing our past. We must go deeper into our experience so that we can expose the truth of what is happening in our present reality and reveal the truth of who we are.

This is an ending of belief systems that do not serve the greater good of the collective and our soul expansion.

This isn’t a small bit of understanding, this is a new level of change and evolution that will propel us forward into that greater journeys ahead.

Anything we have tried to hold onto strictly to stay safe and out of fear for change is being squeezed from our energy fields. Our body wants to cling as it anxiously tries to resist the changes that are coming. This could bring up fear, anxiety anger, sadness, or frustration.

We have to trust! We are more than ever divinely guided by a higher power, the universe, and our guides. If you are open to receive, you will be guided to the right place, at the right time in the not so far off future. Clarity is coming! Be patient, trust, and receive.

Sun and Venus create tension around the uncertainty of what is to come. Energies are clearing out to allow for space and wisdom to come through. Step away from the mind and expand into a higher awareness and level of faith.

Neptune asks us to fully surrender into the spiritual growth that is happening. Logic will not serve us. Trust in the unfolding of what is to come. With the understanding of everything that has occurred, we will be able to move forward into new chapters taking new levels of wisdom with us. The answers are coming!

Here are some helpful journal prompts to help you find out how this might be personally affecting you.

  • Where are you ready to expand your vision into a bigger reality you could ever imagine?

  • What have you tolerated that was unjust and unfair to yourself and others?

  • What beliefs about yourself, others, and consciousness are ready to shed from your mind and body?

  • What beliefs will you take forward to propel your growth and take you to higher levels of consciousness?

Connect with me 1:1 if you would like to receive spiritual insight as to what is ahead!

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