January 2019 Energy

With January being halfway over, I am sure you have all felt subtle shifts in your life and in your energy. Many of you may be feeling the need to retreat or go inward for deep reflecting. I know I certainly have.

Even though you may be feeling this inward draw, I want to encourage you not to worry about this. It's normal with the energy that is being felt universally. It's asking us to reflect, process and digest what comes up. This is not so much about reflecting on the past- the energies are asking all of us to reflect on what brings us true joy. The year ahead offers a great time to authentically align with greater purpose and have more emotional and spiritual fulfillment by aligning with your own personal joy.

As we decide to get clear on aligning with what brings us joy, we are guided to take inventory of all the things we’ve allowed to disrupt our joy and sense of fulfillment. In the past, we may have tolerated all of these disruptions. There may be certain habits, people, events, hobbies, careers and structures that you are realizing no longer serve you in a way that feels aligned.

This can be overwhelming, to say the least. The first part of this year will serve as a time for this 'reflecting' so that we can heal and move past anything we’ve allowed to distract us from creating real joy and authentic alignment. In this discovery process, learning about what doesn’t fulfill our inner self can create anxiety within as we start to recognize what needs to be released and addressed. This can often bring up uncomfortable emotions and cause a great deal of inner conflict.

Healing from this energy begins when we allow ourselves to acknowledge, honor, and feel all of our emotions. Thinking of our emotions as though they were our children that want to receive our attention and be nurtured.  I know it sounds odd, but this is the truth. Our emotions and feelings want and need our attention! Healing comes when we recognize our emotions are not wrong or right- they just are. Being fully present with your emotions is not always easy. It is necessary so that you can learn where they are coming from and through presence, eventually, start to see that they are only an extension of your mind.

We tend to hide, brush off, judge and push our emotions aside.  When we allow ourselves to feel them in a way that is accepting of who we are- it’s liberating and the emotions simply start existing instead of controlling.

By removing the pressure of suppressing, judging and stuffing away how we feel, we give our emotions the chance to heal. We give ourselves permission to be who we are at every moment. This creates the space for authentic joy and inner peace. It gives us the freedom to release, let go and say goodbye to what no longer is aligned with forward movement in our lives.


Just as we have the ability to offer this healing for ourselves, we also have the opportunity to offer this to others, simply by letting go of the need to blame, judge, and have personal expectations about how we “think” others should be. You are your experience! We can stop looking at others to validate our experience and validate our own emotional experience.

It can be as simple as this- does something make you feel good or bad? Is it a "YES" or a big "NO?" Of course, you can go into analyzing and trying to figure out the why's, etc...but at the end of the day, this is wasting time and causing more stress. This will only keep you stuck in the current energy.  

January and much of February energy is all about getting in touch with our emotions, our wants and how we want the fruits of our labor, love and experiences to manifest over the next year. 2019 is very much a year of manifesting desires so the universe can bring these gifts forward for each us to receive.

If we aren’t in alignment with what we really want from a space of true joy, we won’t be able to attune to the manifestations that are there waiting to come forth. So dream big, use your imagination and let your hearts glow to lead the way! Most importantly- write it all down and get it out of your head so you can communicate clearly what you want.

I am now offering one on one Spiritual Mentoring Sessions to help people work with their personal energies from the past, present and future. They are personalized and entirely intuitive to your your wants and needs. If you want to learn more- get in touch at I look forward to hearing from you!



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