In Memory of Tucker- The "Miracle Dog"

“At the core of life, our life is always love. This is what we must always maintain in it’s simplest form is a connection to love. Love drives up to experience more. To learn more. To be more. It’s love that we all desire and you have had to master the gift of love in even the most trying circumstances. Even in releasing your animals-- this is done through the gift of love.” This was a channeled message that came through during a healing session with a dear friend who recently lost her beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Tucker, to Histio Sarcoma- a malignant type of cancer.

I had intended to share this as a shorter post in memory of Tucker. However, Tucker must have had other ideas that he wanted me to write about. This was written in memory of Tucker- inspired by Tucker. With loving gratitude to Deborah Reams, his owner for allowing me to share this story.

I have been blessed with a gift to help animals in their last moments. To help them transition with ease and peace. This may not sound like a blessing to some, but for me, it's a beautiful gift to be able to provide a healing space for people and animals in their last moments together. This gift brings peace and connection outside of our physical presence that is irreplaceable and healing in the depths of our hearts. This is a gift that I was able to share with Debbie and her Tucker.

Tucker was especially unique to me as he was the first animal that I was able to see the magnitude of healing that energy clearing and animal communication could offer people and animals.

Tucker received his diagnosis in May of 2018. At that time, his owner asked me about energy work and she began right away with weekly clearings.

Tucker went through 2 different types of chemotherapy that ultimately his body began rejecting. During his chemo, the energy clearing would help clear reactions from his body that he would have to the chemo. It kept his immunity and appetite up. It also cleared fear, stress and worry from his body which all weaken our bodies natural healing response.

When the chemo stopped working, his owner decided to stop all medicinal treatments. This was in December of 2018. At that time, he was given 2-3 months to live. Tucker and his owner refused to give in. She continued to have weekly energy clearings done through this entire time.

Throughout much of this time, Tucker remained mostly symptom-free. Tucker held strong in his body and was still going for daily walks until the day he transitioned.

Tucker lost the battle on August 13, 2019. This was 8 months after stopping treatments in December. Tucker got an extra 5-6 months out of his life due to his owner's commitment to energy healing and shifting around his supplements.

Even in the end, his appetite would be off, he would have a clearing and then be able to eat. Each week, his owner would report to me if Tucker had any symptoms. It would amaze me when I would hear back from her that he was better after the energy work. It's not that I don't believe in this work- it's just that animals don't lie. It's valid proof.

The work I offer isn't tangible, but when I get to be a part of this type of profound process, it speaks for itself. It's validating beyond what anyone could think is possible. The interconnectivity between each of us and the flow of energy that we are able to tap into through universal intelligence is something that can't be explained.

Tucker was a truly unique animal and now I will get to feel his presence in spirit. He is not gone, he is still very near just as all of our loved ones are. Not only was he undeniably loyal to his mother and family, but he also provided such strength to those around him. He was easy to communicate with and he gave me a profound gift. The gift of truly believing in the depths of the work that I offer.

Two days after Tucker transitioned, his owner had an Energy Healing Session with me. He came through during the session and I could see he was resting near her, but he was so peaceful. He was free and healed.

Sometimes, it's hard to feel the presence of a loved one or animal after they transition. This is usually from the shock and grief of the loss. During her session, the guides cleared away some of Debbie's grief and the trauma that her body was storing from the loss.

She called me the day after her healing with tears of joy to tell me that she was able to feel his presence around her. She couldn't feel it and this was causing her more pain. We, as in me and my spiritual guides and other helpers, helped her body clear the energy of the shock from his loss so that she could feel his presence in the midst of her pain.

When I hear stories like this, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. There is nothing more healing and more rewarding than bridging the gap between the worlds. Connecting people with their animals and loved ones that have transitioned to spirit is profound work.

I thank Tucker and Debbie for believing in this work. I have sincere gratitude to Tucker for showing me the impact that Energy Clearing can have on the body.

As I write these words in his memory, I give thanks to Tucker for brightening his owners days during times of despair. I have so much gratitude that Tucker introduced his mom to the healing benefits of Energy Clearing and connecting me with a lifelong friend.

Tucker has given his family great comfort and warmed their hearts when they have needed it most. He gave them 5 years and 9 months of pure love showing each of them what true and unconditional love is.

In loving memory of Tucker--- the "Miracle dog."

I will miss you in my weekly schedule. You always showed up with a smile on your face. I look forward to reconnecting in spirit and keeping you and your mom eternally connected beyond space and time. With Gratitude and love, Raechelle

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