Gemini Season Energy Update!


Shifting gears out of the grounded, slow-paced energy of the Taurus season has been a bit of a shock to our nervous systems. Our bodies are receiving rapid downloads and energy upgrades through the mind making it hard to stabilize and feel connected.

This may make us feel scattered, anxious, overwhelmed, restless, and foggy! Over the next few days, Saturn will give us a supportive and stabilizing energy to help our bodies adjust to the fast-paced, curious, and quick-minded energy of Gemini.

We have Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, North Node all in Gemini---oh my! This is a lot of MENTAL activity! ✨

We do have a MAGICAL opportunity to connect with our intuition, other realms, and soul desires. Gemini season offers a healing to our sacral (emotional body) as it relates to our throat chakra (authentic self-expression). 💫☀️💫

Gemini wants to use logic and 'think' it's way through life. Neptune brings tension to this energy that will ask us to step back, anchor into our soul desires, stop trying to force ourselves to figure it all out, and go deep into our sacral chakra and ask:

🌙What feels good to me?

🌙How have we attached stories to our identity that are not true?

🌙How have we been forcing ourselves to do things that are not in alignment with our soul expression?

Venus asks us to explore:

🌙What are my core values as they relate to love, relationships, career, friendships, community, and money?

Mercury wants us to use our words like energy and ask:

🌙How am I expressing these values as an authentic truth of my needs while being fully present and listening to others?

Energy is shifting quickly as our intuition connects us with new insight, concepts, and energy downloads. This requires us to go with the FLOW and be extra ADAPTABLE!⚡️

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Sending you love and gratitude,


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