Energy Update- Scorpio Full Moon "RISE UP"

Scorpio Full Moon & Energy Update- May 7, 2020


The last few weeks have been a time of isolation and traveling to the deepest depths of our psyche. We are asked to TRANSFORM and RISE from lower consciousness or fear that does not resonate with our energetic paradigm.

We have had the gift of ‘time’ to reconnect with our souls. The patterns of thought, emotions, behaviors, and routines that do not invoke our highest power are revealing themselves.

Over the last week and moving forward, many will be shed these TOXIC patterns of behavior or relationships. The debts of our karma have been paid. Relationships will be adjusting to potential new beginnings if they are not released altogether.

I keep seeing an energetic portal that gives us an opportunity to see our potential in future timelines as we shed the layers of toxicity that have held us back.

Almost as if we finally realize the POTENTIAL our soul wants us to embody as we rise up and LET GO. We no longer need to be activated by projections from others or hold their energy to enable them. Karma is becoming a thing of the past.

There is an urge to create strong personal boundaries as we release areas of power struggles internally and externally. Some of us will have realizations of comparison, jealousy, or envy from within. Do not let your ego fear this. It is bubbling to the surface to reveal what we aspire to be. These emotions are the shadow part of us that asks us to invoke the attributes we envy and start to ALIGN with them.

Align with the energy themes by reflecting on the following:

What patterns of enabling or people-pleasing are you responding from?

Are there new RITUALS you could create that support growth and expansion?

What do you desire and how are your decisions aligned to embody your vision?

What toxic patterns or people are you ready to release?

Are there boundaries you could implement to harness your personal power?

With love and gratitude, Rae

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