ENERGY UPDATE & Full Moon Leo: February 8/9- Returning to the Heart

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Hello and welcome to this healing space. I invite each of you as you read the words below, breathe into your solar plexus chakra (just below your diaphragm and above your belly button) and allow the words to activate this energy center in your body.

There is a bit of a softened energy this weekend but we do have action, inspiration, and support coming through for us on our next adventure. This is about our motivations and how we follow our creative urges in alignment with what is true for our inner being.

A new path, new vision, and new solutions led through a heart-centered connection from within.

This energy is about taking action on what we have been thinking about over the last few months. A new level of awareness to solutions or problems that may not have been clear before. This is from an opening to a portal of awareness through the solar plexus chakra that gives us an opportunity to surrender with grace. Surrender is what will give us the ability to create space from the mental clutter and get clear on what matters most. Returning to our roots and our home, but this is the home within with love, not from external security.

Whatever you have been awakened to since late November is most likely what you will want to move forward with. What has been contemplated, thought about, talked about since then is where you will have the boost of energy to move forward into clarity without fear of the change or outcome.

Trust what feels right to you and sink into your heart aligned with your personal sovereignty. Feel where the energy is rising and take action---trust that it will be in flow without resistance when you surrender without fear. We need to get out of our heads and move into our hearts and leave the overthinking and any worry about perception behind. From heart-centered alignment, we can step into action and trust that we are supported in doing so from this space of inner connection.

As a collective, we have been doing some massive destruction of the ego--- releasing fears around being our truest self, releasing judgment about external perceptions, releasing the fear of self-expression which is now giving us the confidence to heal and release. We are being shown another way of approaching sabotaging habits and behaviors.

There is compassion to the self with a nurturing sense of knowing how powerfully magical we truly are. We have a lot of support energetically for this deeper healing and how we may not have been accepting ourselves and the truth of who we are and what we need. This gives us a boost of courage and strength to be empowered as we move deeper into this process shedding layers of energetic debris that never really served us in the first place.

We are having deep inner healing to our solar plexus chakra. It’s as if the sun wants to shine from within us so that we can finally be seen for all of our passion, integrity, and radiance without the worry of what anyone else thinks. It’s a renewed power, renewed courage, a renewed sense of self.

We are infused with the energy of bravery, strength, and freedom! We have been working through parts of our identity that we have had to gain confidence in and understand who we are now. There is a new sense of self that we are being guided to confidently own.

This energy wants us to let go of the fears where we have felt discouraged and what needs to be reworked/reprogrammed in our thoughts. Self-sabotaging thoughts are brought to the surface so we can acknowledge the shadow with acceptance with love so that our personal light can come through and heal the dark wounds of the past. As this happens, the wounds surface with light and become our teacher, friend, and ally.

We may find clarity where our vision wants us to move forward. We have felt so much pressure to figure things out without answers- there has been a sense of completions and sudden endings, yet frustration and worry about not knowing what is ahead. We needed this pause in time to move through a much deeper process of healing. As these layers are shed, we can tune in with the element of cosmic timing. This will open up new timelines and the path forward will begin unveiling itself more and more as we trust and believe in ourselves and stop playing small.

This is a time to fall in love with ourself and accept the part of ourselves that needs to be an individual where we have been gathering confidence to shine in our life. Our solar plexus is healing and releasing how we are loving ourselves, appreciating ourselves with our relationships, friendships, partnerships, connections with women and even money. Patterns are present and reveal the answers to how we have not been loving to ourselves.

Look at where you are triggered and notice where the patterns of not enough, low self-worth, shame and where you feel defensive. This is mirroring and reflecting back to you where you are not loving and honoring yourself as an individual that has just as much of a right as anyone to be seen and feel like a beautiful ray of light.

I feel that this is an awakening to patterns that have been happening for a long time and we are now shown how strong and brave we have been as we have navigated the past year. It’s almost as if the rewards for all of our hard work are beginning to come to fruition. However, the rewards are not from doing the "work"- they are being blessed to us as we step inward and find our truest expression of self-love and surrender. Ultimately, this will bring a release to anything that does not match that vibration of self-love.

Embrace, love, and surrender. You are radiant!

With love and gratitude,


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