December Full Moon in Cancer and the Solstice!

The full moon in Cancer is happening tomorrow at 12:48 pm EST. It will be asking each of us to take some time at home, tend to our bodies and emotions while prioritizing our families. This is perfect timing just after the Winter Solstice, which as you all know is today.

A Full Moon in Cancer connects us to our emotions. It also represents our need for safety and security in our home and personal life. It can bring some emotional moments to the surface that we have been internalizing for quite some time. Let them rise, release them with tears.

Here is a tidbit of fact slightly off topic - The close occurrence of the Solstice and Full Moon will not happen again until 2094! Pretty amazing that we are all alive at this moment to experience the energy of this occurrence.

This is a time as 2018 nears its end to envision what you wish to create in the year ahead. What do you want to commit to, what needs releasing so that you can stand more fully in your truth? What are the things that stand in your way and no longer serve you?

Spending time with your inner being to ask yourself some of the questions below, regardless of what you have been told or always believed, will help you secure solid roots in your individuality.

Here are a few thoughts that you could sit with and journal about as you bask in this reflective energy:

What lessons did you learn over 2018? Have you digested and processed them so they are a part of your core being? Remember that for new to come through, old foundations might have to be broken down. This is imperative so that new ways of thinking and being can come through.

What areas did you grow and expand in?

Spend some time in gratitude for all that comes your way. Even losses and tragedies bring about opportunities for the depths of the soul to be free.

This really is a time to be reflective and go within. Nurture yourself and let your roots get solid. It may seem self-centered at this moment, but remember all that you do to fully embody your being and your truth will always benefit the collective.

Namaste and happy healing,


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