Clearing Negative Emotions in Animals to create Physical Healing

During my sessions, I am usually in a light meditative state.  I can see, feel and hear messages, healings, feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the people and animals I connect with.  I get unique messages from my spiritual guides and their guides.  I have been asked to share more of these message with each of you.  

For some, this may sound out there and hard to comprehend. I am hoping that by sharing more of these messages, they will help expand conscious perspective and reality.

These messages are meant to bring understanding to the deeper subjects of the subtle energies of our animals, transformation, self-healing, universal energies, humanity, the interconnectivity that we tend to complicate or are unaware exists.  They are to bring awareness to the depth of how profound the energetic systems of our bodies connect spiritually with the mind and soul.  

Below, I share a beautiful message that came through during a session that I had with a particular dog who is quite young.  He was born with a genetic ailment in his bones that was deemed incurable.  

After some research, a university was found that was offering an experimental procedure for this particular condition.  The university accepted this dog into their program. 

The first procedure helped for a while dramatically improving his quality of life.  Recently, it began to fail.  The university repeated the procedure with improvements in hopes that it would not fail again. 

Here is the beautiful message that came through in this session:

“Dogs are here to give us all unconditional love no matter how and what they are feeling. Sometimes that comes with a great burden because they want to give more than what they are currently able when they have physical ailments or disease.  This is when we must reassure them that no matter what, they are accepted, loved and even more of a healer within because they give despite whatever is happening within their own bodies. They give so much, that they will push aside their own physical pain to keep us happy.  This is why we must heal them too."

What I have come to realize in this session and many others with physical ailments and disease is that the fear, worry, and negative emotions that are stored in the body have to be cleared for ongoing healing to happen.  It's not so much working with the disease or physical symptom, it's clearing the emotional disturbances that are blocking healing within that creates empowered energetic healing in the body.

Some animals, like people, worry and internalize negative emotions more than others. This eventually creates states of dis-ease in the body and stagnant energy that prevents chi or life force energy from moving through the body freely.  When this happens, the body is disconnected from the mind and higher self in an unhealthy state and natural healing cannot occur.  

It is my belief that through Energy Clearing and Animal Communication that we can help more and more animals ascend past their physical ailments and states of dis-ease. Through clearing negative emotional states that are stored in the body, we can create clarity, stability, safety and peace for them

We can give to them unconditionally in the same way they give to us. Giving them freedom to fulfill their purpose to their highest capacity. They will trust and understand that they are able to give love that is received by us no matter what they feel like, look like and act like.  

It is through this evolved process that our animals can be shown that they are loved unconditionally as their soul desires. 

With gratitude, 


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