Aquarius Full Moon Healing Vibes

Is your desire for freedom making you feel like a rebel is emerging?

The current Full Moon in Aquarius has us all ready to stand our ground and put our ideas into reality. It will be exact on Monday, August 3rd, 2020, at 11:59 am EDT.

Aquarius gives us the ability to see the bigger picture and see into our future reality. There is also tension from Uranus and the Sun. While things are moving forward there are situations and circumstances appearing to “try” and keep us static. To keep us from breaking free from restrictive structures and egoic attachments.

There is a lot of quick, electric energy running through our bodies. Many people are feeling erratic and fatigued as energy is accelerated and our bodies are adjusting to electrical currents. I have been seeing energy leaks that cause tight and sore muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back as well as dizziness and lack of appetite.

Venus seeks clarity through self-empowerment so we can continue moving forward on our path of desire. The tension between Uranus and the Sun gives us a sudden revelation of what stands in our way. Perhaps, we already knew but now the “how-to” is being revealed.

Anything restrictive will feel so disempowering that we may want to walk away. Wash our hands and be done. This can cause intense reactions that could create permanent and sudden endings. This is the energy of quick changes and sudden release. Think ELECTRIC!

It’s best to observe how we are feeling. To understand what/who feels good and what/who does not. What is trying to keep you static and what is building you up to move confidently into your new reality? Observe and step into discernment.

We have worked so hard in 2020 to gain clarity and release what does not deserve our attention. Anyone or anything that brings us back to our wounded emotional state where we felt undeserving, abandoned, deceived, rejected, devalued, dismissed will be recognized and ask us to make some decisions on what is best for YOU moving forward. Remember this is to empower keep us moving forward on our soul path!

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