Animal Communication and the Universal Language

Animals communicate with telepathy, which is slightly slower than the speed of light. That is how quickly our animals can think or change thoughts. Pretty amazing! Humans tend to get stuck in explaining what they mean through signs, gestures, and expressions. Animals do not do this, their language is quick, simple, easy and clear.

Humans and animals hold a common space where every word, sound, feeling and thought emits a frequency. Emotions emit frequency too. Every word you speak has a frequency. I call this Energetic Vibration. Your feelings, thoughts, emotions are always emitting an energetic frequency.

Believe it or not, because animals read our energy all the time they are aware of the energetic vibration and frequency through our words, thoughts and emotions. They often understand and know when you are in or out of alignment with your inner being before you even have a clue!

This is done even when you are not speaking. Even though your emotions and thoughts are not spoken, they are still emanating an energetic frequency. This creates an exchange of energetic vibration and frequency. This is how Animals and Humans communicate with each other. This is how we are more often communicating with everyone in our daily lives and most of the time have no idea that we are sending frequencies out to everyone and everything we come in contact with.

Unfortunately, many people still depend solely on the spoken language to communicate. Animals communicate through telepathy or their subtle behaviors, but many humans do not understand this form of communication.

I believe, we as a collective, can close this communication gap and create more balance and understanding with all beings. Even if you are not an animal communicator, you do have the gift of communicating with the universal language of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the highest energetic frequency and vibration that we can connect with in the universe! When we are communicating with our heart center we are sending out unconditional love- every animal or person has the capability to feel and understand this language.

I encourage you to try communicating with your pet by doing the following exercise. It is a simple exercise that you can experiment with over the course of a few minutes over a few days.

Sit in a quiet place, place your hand on your heart and breath into this space. Breathing in the now and only the now on each inhale, exhaling everything else. This is how you can start to "think" and "connect" with your heart. You can even ask your heart to lead for you. The language of the heart is love and it surpasses all other forms of communication. Think of love emanating from your heart center like a beam of light that extends out to the heart of your pet. Only allow feelings of love and joy to pass through you. I find it best to think of all the things that bring you joy or make you smile about your pet and allow them to pass through this beam of light you created from your heart to theirs. Sitting in this energetic frequency will allow you to automatically cross the communication barrier because everything on this planet is capable of love- this is the universal language.



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