8/8 Lions Gate- What is it?

What exactly is the Lions Gate Portal and how does it impact you?

The gateway of energy opened on July 26 and ends on August 12, but the CULMINATION is 8/8/20- tomorrow!

The Lions Gate is the planetary alignment of the star SIRIUS and the GALACTIC center.

The Lions Gate began in ancient Egyptian times when the star Sirius was closest to the earth. Sirius is about two times bigger and 26 times brighter than the sun! The energy of this beautiful, bright star would ILLUMINATE over the pyramids for several weeks. It was thought to be an auspicious time representing abundance, prosperity, and blessings from the Egyptian gods.

Disclaimer…..I don’t share about topics like this often;) but I feel it is time to share my musings because many people are awakening at a soul level and are ready to learn about universal forces of energy extensively greater than ourselves!

So…How could this PORTAL impact you? You might receive creative inspiration, vivid dreams, heightened intuition, and spiritual wisdom. You could connect to your higher self and gain strong insight into your soul purpose. It is no doubt, a time of soul expansion and clarity.

You could receive guidance and understanding around subconscious patterns that kept you in lower vibrations of energy. Perhaps, you get the clarity to FINALLY release those patterns.

Think of it as a light of increased energy flowing between the physical and cosmic realms downloading into your crown chakra. New energies move into your body that can heal low vibrational patterns. This healing brings EXPANSION!

What insight, ideas, perspectives, and visions are coming forward for you at this time??? This is illumination on your path forward!

Are you ready to connect with your soul purpose and release energetic patterns that are preventing you from stepping into your personal power? If so, connect with me 1:1---

With love,


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