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I created Radiant Vibes to offer a unique healing space devoted to creating energetic alignment for people and animals. 

My practice offers a holistic, yet down-to-earth approach, which is a collaborative of Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing, Astrology of the Soul, Past Life Clearing, Channeled Messages, Connection with your Spirit team and your Higher Self. 


It has been clear to me that my purpose is to help people and animals create a harmonious mind/body connection that helps release fears, trauma, physical and emotional pain, negative patterns, karma from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. 


I believe that we all have inner healing abilities within.  We have our own spiritual guides and access to our higher selves.  They all want to help and support us. We are intrinsically connected to our guides and the energetic realm. All of this is here to guide and support us through our individual journey.


When we embark on the path of self-transformation and healing, it creates a trickle effect within each of our relationships. When we as individuals release our fears, wounds, traumas, and self-sabotaging patterns, our energetic vibration raises and we are able to make an impact on every living being we connect with.

I have spent decades devoted to learning all about energy healing, astrology, animal communication, channeling, spiritual connection, meditation, past-life healing, spiritual transformation, self-empowerment, clearing trauma, holistic health, flower essences, herbs, and other natural remedies.  This journey is always evolving and expanding for me. 


While I have learned from various practitioners, my intuitive work, knowledge of energy healing, self-transformation and spiritual healing are mostly a direct result of my personal experience and the connection with my spirit guides. 

I have personally experienced illness, chronic pain, trauma, grief, loss, shame, disconnect from life, eating disorders, emotional abuse, feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety, overwhelm and self-neglect.  These were all a result of energy imbalances and disturbance within my body. 


I never let any of it define me or limit whom I could become in this lifetime- that was never an option.  Instead, I used these challenges and difficult circumstances as an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. 


I discovered that the energetics of these patterns either from this lifetime or previous lifetimes are stored in our bodies.  This creates an energetic discord with our physical body to our spiritual body.  Our body subconsciously creates events and relationships that will trigger these patterns so that we can heal through them. When we begin to balance and make peace with the energetic patterns that are stored in our body, we start to reclaim all parts of ourselves that have been lost.








Ultimately, it has been my spiritual guides that have taught me the most.  It wasn't until I began to connect with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Elementals- trusting in the higher powers outside myself- that I began reconnecting with my body and soul. 

Things started to shift and heal rapidly.  Emotional and physical pains began to fade away on a daily basis.  Fears were no longer holding me back. I wasn't paralyzed in indecision.  Negative energies and people began to fall away.  I became clear and was able to make empowered decisions for me. I was returning to wholeness.

My guides have shown me the truth of who I was within my soul and continue to work with me unraveling more in each moment.  They continue to work through me to do the same for others.  

What I learned is that most imbalances begin within our spiritual and energetic disconnect as well as emotional holdings stored in the body.

Why Animal Communication???

My connection with animals has always been one that I deeply cherish. 


My animals have mirrored back to me with unconditional love where there is room to grow and expand.  When I healed energetic patterns, beliefs and returned to self-love --- they, in turn, became lighter, happier and more at ease.  I owe so much of who I am in this moment to each of the animals that have been in my life.

Our animals are a true gateway to experiencing unconditional love in our lifetime.

Animals are master spiritual teachers.  They show us how to embody gratitude, embrace the moment, be our truest self, experience joy, release fears, open hearts and teach us about love and acceptance.

Animals are the closest we can get to in our human existence to experiencing unconditional love in physical form. 

Every moment that I get to help people and animals deepen and strengthen the bonds that bring us together is a moment in time that I cherish.  

They have shown me how beautifully interconnected we are within our vast universe.  There is so much we can learn when we become open to the energetic connections of nature and animals on our planet. 

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