Energy Healing

During a healing session, Raechelles works with a unique team of spiritual guides to clear energetic patterns in the body that may cause overwhelm, anxiety, health conditions and fears. 


All Energy Healing sessions are done through a light meditative state. 


The healing space created for each individual is to help them connect with who they truly are at their core. Over time, we work together to reclaim all the parts of the self that have been lost through our experience in this and other lifetimes.  Hence, bringing alignment to the soul, higher self or inner being.

Energy Healing accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal within and increase vitality. It is highly beneficial for both people and animals who have acute injuries, chronic health issues, are undergoing chemotherapy, animals nearing the end of their life, animals that are crossing over and pain relief.


Energy Healing helps clear emotional imbalances within our bodies.  The body holds onto all experiences of our past either from this life or previous lifetimes. These imbalances can be related to deep-rooted trauma, painful experiences from our past and negative experiences from past relationships.  


When these emotional holdings are not healed within the body, they eventually manifest as shame, negative self-talk, self-criticism, toxic relationships, low self-worth, self-sabotage, feelings of being separate and alone as well as depression and anxiety.  

Our animals may manifest these stagnant energetic patterns like fear, lack of confidence, physical and emotional imbalances and disease. Routine Energy Healing is beneficial with our animals for improving behavior, training, performance issues, confidence issues in the show ring, trauma, physical pain or illness. 

To get the optimal results from this type of healing, it is best done on a regular basis so that you or your pet's energetic state is tuned into the higher vibration on a frequent basis.  This allows for healing to occur quickly and efficiently without having time to fall back into old energetic patterns. 

For People

Single Session:$165

Healing Packages for People:

6 sessions-$930

(payment plans available)

12 sessions-$1740

(payment plans available)

For Animals

Single Session:$130

Healing Packages for Animals:

6 Sessions -$740

(payment plan available)

12 Sessions -$1380

(payment plan available)

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