Intuitive Animal Communication & Energy Healing


How would you feel if you understood what your companion needs emotionally and physically?

Do you struggle to maintain a connection during competitions and shows? 

Do you want to have a deeper connection between your animals?

Have you wondered why your animals are anxious, aggressive or suffer from health issues? 

Is your beloved companion in need of extra support as his or her body is aging?

Have you wondered how your animals in spirit are doing?


  • Create deep and fulfilling connections with your animals

  • Understand what your animals are thinking and feeling 

  • Guidance regarding the end of life decisions 

  • Insight to behavioral and emotional issues

  • Causes and solutions to underlying anxiety and phobias and the energy behind them

  • Healing grief from the loss of another animal

  • Diet, health, and supplements based on each animal as an individual and their energetic needs

  • Insight and healing regarding health conditions or physical ailments

  • Assistance during difficult times such as relocating, divorce, a newborn child, the addition of another companion, surgeries, illness, and euthanasia

  • How to build confidence in everyday life

  • Training and moving through confidence issues in agility, herding, conformation, obedience, dock diving, nose work, tracking, hunting or retrieving

  • Karmic relationships- your animal's purpose with you and other members of your family

  • Connection with animals who have crossed over in spirit

  • Evaluation of your animal's needs during competitions and trials


 Animal Communication will give you insight into all of the above question as well as any topic below:


"I had been showing Marco for about two months, and despite my efforts, I was not able to achieve consistency in his behavior and showmanship. He was particularly anxious during the exam from the judge. My frustration levels were rising, as was my own anxiety. When a trusted friend and fellow dog person witnessed our inconsistencies, she suggested I contact Rae because "Marco is too beautiful to behave like that."

At that time I felt I had nothing to lose, and as they say, the rest is history.  Rae has helped Marco and I connect on a deeper level than I could have ever imagined. Most importantly, she helped Marco blossom into a proud and confident dog, one who carries himself with a hint of ego and loves to "puff out his chest." Marco has developed into a soulful, outgoing dog since beginning his sessions with Rae. He even learned to retrieve and tolerate water! Three years ago, I never would have imagined he could be such a reliable and outgoing show dog and companion.  I am extremely grateful to Raechelle and her techniques for showing Marco the way to success."

Top 20 Winner

All Breed Best in Show Winner

Winner of more than 20 Best in Specialty Shows

#1 Weimaraner All Systems 2018


-Amy Tourond & Marco-Man

Intuitive Animal Communication & Energy Clearing


Animal Communication with energy healing is one of the most effective ways of strengthening bonds, shifting patterns of imbalance, behaviors and gaining a deeper understanding of our animals.  These unique sessions combine Animal Communication with Energy Healing to create optimal alignment with the mind, body, and spirit of the animal. 


Each session holds a healing space with compassion and love for the animal just as they are.  As the animal feels safe, they will share with me what they are experiencing, thinking and feeling emotionally, physically, and reveal spiritual disconnect.  Often this alone will help them feel understood and give them immediate emotional relief- which creates immediate changes.


The combination of Energy Healing and Animal Communication creates balance in the energetic and emotional body.  When there is an energetic imbalance the animal will feel confused, anxious, overwhelmed and manifest health issues in their body.  They will have a hard time shifting out of negative behaviors and heal from health conditions. 


These sessions are here are to create inner alignment and heal all species of animals as well as animals who have transitioned to spirit. They are not only beneficial for rescues, seniors, show companions, competition such as agility, dock diving, hunt test, herding, tracking obedience and Rally- but they are beneficial for healthy animals who need routine check in's or energetic tune-ups to stay balanced and aligned.  

During each session you will receive:

  • Connection, love, and understanding with animals both past and present.

  • Insight to your animal's personality, preferences, needs, and desires.

  • An energetic scan of their body to check on and health issues or energetic deficiencies.

  • Intuitive guidance regarding behaviors, health, and emotional holdings. 

  • Energy healing (when applicable) 

  • Intuitive recommendations of training protocols, behavior modification, mindset, dietary needs, emotional and physical needs that are specific to your animal's energy and personality.  





What they are saying:

Have questions???

Are you ready?

"I have worked with Rae for self-help as well as Animal Communication for my fur-babies! Rae’s divine gift is incredible! She has helped my husband and me to grow closer to our pups by knowing their needs and specific feelings about ailments, new homes and more. We owe so much of our happy, cohesive home with our dogs to Rae and her insight!

She has also helped me to grow in my own path to Animal Communication and more. She is an excellent mentor and teacher, and I am so thankful to have her in my life helping me to find my life purpose to help others. 

I would absolutely recommend Rae from Radiant Vibes to help in many ways! She’s so great - knows so much - and has a lot to offer! Thanks, Rae!"


Sara Comeau, Athena & Anubis

"When Maurice, our semi-feral cat, escaped the catio after being with us 11 months I reached out to Raechelle Embrey. She dropped everything and helped me navigate through my fear to make sure he stayed connected and close by. We are so grateful for her help and support! He is allowing us to care for him on his terms and we will continue to work on our bond with him. I cannot thank her enough and we recommend her highly. She has also helped with our other three cats as we all adjust to Maurice's current choice. She has an amazing gift that I am so happy she shares! Thank you so much Raechelle!"  

Sue Denny with Maurice, Gracie, Anderson, and Luna


"I have had the best care for my pets from Raechelle. My Ben speaks with her on a monthly basis. His well being is my utmost concern and Rae's as well.  She doesn't just provide a service, she provides me with peace of mind." 

Cynthia Levario & Ben

"Raechelle is dedicated to having the utmost integrity and compassion with both the dog client and the owner of the dog to yield the most beneficial results for all involved. I was deeply moved when Raechelle did our first dog communication for me and my husband's German Shepherd, Jenny. We highly recommend Radiant Vibes!"

Tanya Qually and Jim McHenry with Jenny and Mackie

"Where to begin...

I began working with Raechelle for just over 3 years ago. I have Cockers and compete primarily in agility. Not only has she helped with our dog's general well being, but she has also been an instrumental agility coach as well. She has helped us win 2 National Specialty (back to back years) high in trial awards, finish the #1 Cocker for the Invitational, helped us through the unexpected death of a dog and helped us add the right puppy to our pack. To say she has been instrumental is an understatement. I would not be where I am without her guidance nor would my dogs be as happy. We look forward to our meeting sessions with her!!"

Stacie Baumbarger with Raylan, Eddie, Callen

"A little over a year ago I adopted a two-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, Greta, who needed re-homing. She was not used to city life and was very fearful of all loud street noises. Through Raechelle's regular communication with Greta and energy healing, we were able to create a plan to make her feel more relaxed in her new city environment.  Also, Rachelle’s background as a dog trainer was quite helpful in coaching me to guide Greta with more skills and confidence, so that Greta could learn to feel safe and secure on walks in the city. Raechelle has been instrumental in easing Greta’s transition to her new home, and in becoming acquainted with my other two dogs as well.


She now works with all three of my dogs on a regular basis." 


Pat Guild with Greta, Mustard, and Malia

"In May 2018 my Tucker, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, was diagnosed at the age of 5 1/2 with Histio, a type of aggressive cancer.  We did 3 rounds of chemo treatments and then on an x-ray, we found the cancer was spreading. In December of 2018, I opted to stop all treatment and enjoy each day we had together. 


I am happy to report that as of now, I still have my boy and we enjoy every day together filled with love. I attribute this extra time to with supplements and weekly energy clearing from the wonderful work with Raechelle.


We started working with Rae from the beginning of his diagnosis, which helped to clear the toxins from the chemo. Her energy clearings and readings have been a wonderful gift to Tucker & I. Quite frankly, I do not think I could have been thru all this without her.  I believe with her help in recommending supplements and her work with Tucker's body this is why we have made it this far." 

Deborah, Reams and Tucker along with Maggie, Jolie at the Rainbow Bridge

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